Seeing Within, Seeing Without

Appearances are a method of seeing without seeing in deep. As seen on the surface the bag lady on the street looks ragged and worn. Her coat drags well below her knees and her wobbly shuffle only slows down those looking at her from afar. She’s on a mission and no one knows what it means. As she looks up at you looking at her, she smiles the warmest kindest coziest smile you have ever known, which cause you to smile back in immediate reflection of the inner oneness we all possess.

We seen each other in such fine light during the day and a dimmer light in the evening. So many times when look at people, we do just that. We look at them. We are not looking to see them. We see with our eyes, so much more than we see with our hearts. When you look into someone’s eyes, really look into someone’s eyes, you are able to see them on the inside with your heart at the same time. It’s almost as if your eyes go out of focus and it’s only a feeling. Because it is a feeling, a deeper level of connection, the vulnerability of allowing one to see you is also occurring, because as you look into their eyes, they are looking into yours. Boundaries drop and wounds are healed deeply to the point where you mind find a deep happiness in the form of a slow tear or the calm warmth of touch, but were never physically touched. In overcoming the vulnerabilities, the fear of vulnerability we create a deeper connection and a deeper knowing with others and within ourselves.