Decisions To Be Consciously Calm, Vancouver, WA

So, my car battery dies. I walk away from the car and walked home in the rain. How am I going to deal with this? In that moment I made a load of decisions. The number one decision, Don’t Panic! The number two decision, no reason to get excited and make a big deal out of it.  This happens to people every day! And now I’m one of those people. Now I’m a part of that group. I’m actually not kidding about being a part of the oneness within the Oneness that is without cars. Good thing I didn’t get a ton of groceries. Good thing that it’s a bit cold out so that if I did then they would be fine. Good thing I have a heavier coat with me. Good thing I decided to wear my hat and scarf.  All good things! Thank me for listening to my intuition on all these things to make the rest of the evening go smoother, although had I listened in the first place I wouldn’t be in this little lesson to begin with…

 Thank you for the lesson of listening to my intuition.

With a clear intuition that I would be doing this on my own, although I had called several people for help, I calmly spent the night at home cooking and relaxing. No reason to change the battery in the dark in the rain.  When I woke up in the morning it was a sunny day. Thank you! I grabbed some tools and walked back to the car to remove the battery, which was a bit more than anticipated, but still I got through it, as we all do. (That little bracket on the bottom sure is a doozey.) Glad I have small hands! Off to the shop with the old battery to get a new one in a taxi and soon to return and pop in the new one lickety-split. No problems! Car is running perfect and I got a self-propelled lesson in battery changing. How about that? Not bad for a couple hours work…did I mention the taxi took an hour to get there? Or that it was really cold? All the while I was willing the universe for a little extra help.  One man offered me coffee, another stuck around to make sure the car started, and a woman offered any services that I needed as she was an employee of the grocery. There are people willing to help you all around, you only need ask, but there are some things that you need to do yourself.