Lost Connections Re-Connected, Vancouver WA

I had given up on my friend that disappeared into his own life.  He had a habit of nesting and is a free spirit with little time for outings of debachery, or so I thought, so I could live with it. I let go of the attachment. I knew that he moved out of state some time ago through a mutual acquaintance, though I hoped he was well, I just assumed that I didn’t make the good-bye list.  I was sitting at my desk and I got a text from an unknown number wanting to know if I would like to bid someone adieu on a last night in town. Who was this? My lost friend had gotten a new number.  It was difficult to reply, wondering why is he calling me now? Last night? I know that story, but at the same time I did want to see him. And it also reminded me of another friend who is not speaking to anyone for reasons totally unknown. I figured I would go with the flow, because that’s why I have been sent this lesson? gift? thing? The question was which was it? 

I want to be remembered, thought of, important, just like anyone else, but in losing touch with old friends for reasons of life changes, it seems a bit unpredictable and hardly something that you can expect of everyone you know. At the same time, we do hold people to certain expectations. We expect them to call and to keep in touch, but regularly we lose track of how much time has passed, because of unforseen circumstances ourselves. So much energy is expended “making it happen” day to day that we often forget to sit and relax with those around us, keep in touch, or just give ourselves time to think.  At that point in the game, is it just too late to call? Taking the time is what builds and maintains the connection. So make the call! Better late than never! The winter season is a time to slow down and take it all in. Who did you lose touch with? What challenges did you face throughout the year? You’ve gotten through it this far. Just for this moment, be at peace with yourself in all that you have accomplished this year, even the smallest things, and remember those who helped you get there, whether they were present or not. We are all each others helpers.

Remember the beat of the heart as it signals you to slow down and be with you and the ones you love in this time of peace. -Anonymous.

Thank you to all those that have been reading and commenting on Spirit Notes! Happy Holidays and Peace to you all! Looking forward to a brand new year!