Awareness through Thanks! Eugene, OR

I was sitting here typing and listening to the quiet while channeling a good set of directions and instruction from the guides and with each breath I type there is a fascination at the quiet of the space.  We were talking earlier this morning of a spinning telescope.  The view that with each story that someone tells, we go to a place in their story that reminds us of our story and we start talking about us.  The focus of the telescope (story) moves from them to us. Then the next person re-focuses the telescope (story) on themselves as they are triggered by the previous story.  With each change of story, the telescope moves and eventually it starts moving so fast from person to person, because the story is being reverted so many times that the telescope starts spinning.  It spins so fast that it is spinning out of control. The stories that we as a collective group are holding onto create the spin. It’s like feeding drama. It is like hanging onto a merry-go-round, because the central point is you.  It spins so fast that if you let go (of the merry-go-round) you are afraid you will to fall off. So, how do we let go of the merry-go-round without falling off?  Our minds would tell us that if you were to let go, you would land fast and hard on your butt! But in letting go gently to your story, where you would jump into another’s story making it your own, you have the chance  for change.  The chance to recognize that you are going to speak or just listen and notice the story and how your mind (the ego) wants to focus it on you. With each notice, whether you speak or not you are gently and gradually letting go of the wheel and allowing the real you to shine through, and also setting a valuable example that will eventually spring change in others, and eventually you will no longer be having conversations of drama based on stories, but discussions based on universal principles of the universe and creating awareness.

So to this awareness, I give ‘Thanks!’  It is ever so much more important to notice the change that you can create in yourself, rather than force change in others.   Let go of your story and you will see.