Blowing Leaves as a Means of Change, Vancouver WA

While on a walk this morning, I witnessed a woman blowing leaves off the tree with a lieaf blower.  It got me thinking of all the ways in which we try to control nature, cycles and the equilibrium balance of who we think things should be.  We make bridges and build dams in waterways, maintain old growth and new growth forests, migrate beaches and lots of other wonderous engineering marvels to keep stationary, maintain stability and hault change in a world where the planet itself is evolving and changing along with it’s people.

Change provides a message of contrast.  For without contrast there is no change. Contrast is not defined as good, bad, big or small.  The relative measure of change might define how much.  We often look to the past meaning 50-100 years as a baseline for contrast.  Other times we may look back 10-15 years or even months.  How about looking at the everyday change? Do you notice the little changes that make up the big overall change adding to the contrast? Do you notice with judgement or compassion? Do you notice with curiosity, joy, anguish or hate?

Name five healthy changes in your life that have occurred just today.  You may have called that neighbor you haven’t wanted to talk to.  You may have gone for a walk.  You may have held the door for a stranger.  You may have said “Thank you.”  It seems that just a small change in your daily live can lead to big change in opening the doors of the universe to let what is coming to you in.  Create change, you deserve it!

It is hard for me to know what others are thinking when blowing leaves off trees with leaf blowers, but perhaps she was improving someone else’s life by doing it.