Mellow Mushroom Pizza…It’s not all about crust (Oct 2011)

A delicious twist to a family favorite.  The crust here is puffy and thick on the outside and thin in the middle.  It reminds me of the borders and boundaries we put up to keep people in or out as the toppings and sauce are scattered inside, never spilling. Now don’t get me wrong they do have fabulous pies.  I felt posed an interesting question derived from one wanting to propose a change in consciousness of inclusion in design.  We hold with us boundaries controlled in fear in order to feel safe and whole. We hold them to think we know ourselves fully inside our own box.  But what if you stepped out of your box into the world? Realize in that process, we are indeed a spiral effect of many things, many people coming together influencing other people, but all here as one to create what is happening in the present. Look around and imagine one thing that you have, that you feel would make a positive influence in your own life, if you did not have it.  What would not having this thing feel like?  Hold that feeling in every part of your body.  Start slowly and let it spread throughout.  Recognize the relief or compassion or any other emotion that appears as you hold the feeling of letting go of that object, thing, abuse, time.  Let yourself float in this feeling whenever you have a doubt.  In other words – Mellow! Relax! And feel what you truly desire as already there.